Terms of Service

By using the services provided by Mint Drycleaners Limited you acknowledge you have read and accepted the following Terms of Service. You acknowledge these may change without notice.

These Terms of Service apply to all services provided by Mint Drycleaners Limited, including its online system.

These Terms of Service supersede other contractual documents between Mint Drycleaners Limited and the customer.


In these Terms of Service, the following definitions apply:

GST: Goods and Services Tax.

Login: A customer’s username and password to access Mint Drycleaners Limited’s online booking system.

Mint Drycleaners Limited online: The website and services provided by Mint Drycleaners Limited.

We: Mint Drycleaners Limited.

You: Customers using the services of Mint Drycleaners Limited and any people using the service under the customers online login.

Customer: You, or any other person who uses our services, including our online system, using your login details.

Services: Covers all services provided by Mint Drycleaners Limited including laundry, drycleaning, pressing, ironing, pick-up, drop-off and delivery.

  • Payment

All our quoted prices are inclusive of GST and may change without notice.

All invoices must be paid before items can be collected, unless arranged otherwise with Mint Drycleaners Limited. We reserve the right to hold onto your items until payment is made in full.

  • Collection of items

Every effort is made to process your item in the agreed timeframe. If for any reason there is a delay, we will not be held liable.

Any items not collected within three months of being dropped off may be disposed of. We will not be held liable for any loss due to non-collection within this time.

  • Care during treatment

3a. Care labels

Protecting your item during treatment is our top priority and we follow the care label instructions on each item we process.

If you request an item to be treated which contradicts the care label, we will discuss with you the potential risks before treatment. With your verbal agreement we will process your item, but we will not be held liable for any damage that may occur. Without your verbal agreement we will not be able to process your item.

We accept no liability for damage to accessories such as beads and buttons and any damage to hems or trims that are excluded in the care label.

We accept no liability if a care label is missing from your item.

3b. Removal of stains

We follow a safe limit cleaning policy. This means we will treat every item we accept but we will not remove every stain if, in our professional opinion, stain removal will damage your item. Please talk with one our team about specific stains who can advise whether it can be safely treated.

We inspect each item before it is returned to you to make sure it meets our strict quality control measures.

3c. Pre-existing damage

Before treatment, we check for any damage that could be made worse during treatment and we will talk with you about any concerns we may have. With your verbal agreement we will process your item, but we will not be held liable for any damage that may occur. Without your verbal agreement we will not be able to process your item.

We do not guarantee all pre-existing damage is found before processing.

Please talk with one of our team if you have any questions about your items, such as colourfastness, age or condition when you drop off your item to us or when we collect for treatment.

3d. Damage during treatment

We use industry standard processes best suited to the nature and condition of each item.

In the rare instance your item is damaged due to defects in the material or pre-existing damage, such as small holes or tears made worse by treatment, we will not be held liable.

We do not guarantee against colour loss, colour bleeding, shrinkage or damage to tender fabrics.

Our liability for any damage to items caused by us shall not exceed 10 times our charge for cleaning that item regardless of brand or condition.

No claims for damages will be accepted after 48 hours after collection of your item.

  • Household items and curtains

Due to the delicate nature of household items and fabrics, we accept no liability for damage to household items, including curtains, during treatment.

Due to the delicate nature of leather and suede, we accept no liability for damage, including fading, during treatment.

  • Loss of items

In the rare case your item is lost or misplaced while in our care, please advise us within 24 hours of collection.

We take the loss of items seriously and will investigate. If we cannot find your missing item, we accept liability only up to and including 10 times our charge for cleaning the item regardless of brand or condition.

Please check all items, including pockets, for any personal items such as money, jewellery or other valuables before you drop your items off or before our collection.

We will make every effort to return any items we find during treatment, but we will not be held liable for any loss of items left.

  • Off-site treatment

Most items remain onsite during treatment, but occasionally we need to send items off-site, for e.g. alterations, repairs, drycleaning, additional further care or due to machinery breakdown.

We follow stringent processes to make sure your items are cared for during transportation and while off-site.

  • Privacy

All personal information you give us will remain confidential and will only be used as intended during the course of services.

We may use the details you provide to contact you regarding any issues during treatment or regarding payment.

We may also use your details to inform you of any specials or promotions that may be of interest.

  • Use of Mint Drycleaners Limited online service

8a. General

As a user of its online service, you agree that Mint Drycleaners Limited:

  • can refuse the registration of a potential customer for any reason
  • can terminate the registration of a customer for any reason
  • will do its best to prevent any unauthorised access to its online service but will not be held liable for any damage or loss through unauthorised third-party access.

You agree to keep your login details confidential and are liable for all orders made under your login. You agree to indemnify Mint Drycleaners Limited for any claims, damages or losses incurred or made by Mint Drycleaners Limited or any third party arising from the actions of a person placing an order for service using your login.

8b. Pricing

You will not be charged for registering for Mint Drycleaners Limited’s online service.

All prices are quoted in New Zealand dollars (NZD).

You are responsible for any ISP charges or any other associated costs with internet usage when placing an online order.

If a variation in order or price is accepted by Mint Drycleaners Limited, the price payable will be adjusted. Once a delivery order has been accepted by us, you are liable for the full cost. Any variation to the delivery order is at our discretion.

8c. Online payment

Payment is accepted online by credit card only. Your credit card is processed and charged on the day the order is received.

We may change our accepted form of online payment at any time. You will be notified before placing your next order of any changes to payment.

8d. Availability of Service

Mint Drycleaners Limited is not liable if for any reason a service you order online is declined.

We may restrict the availability of pick-up and delivery services to some areas.

We may disable a customers’ account or our online service for any reason, including routine maintenance and upgrading.

8e. Delivery of items

You must notify us of any change of address and may need to re-register online.

We are not liable for any delays to delivery of your items for delays outside of our control.

If for any reason you fail or refuse to accept the delivery of your items, items may be left at the delivery address and deemed delivered.

Once items have been delivered, the risk of ownership is passed to you.

8f. Receipt of your online items

You must confirm the number of items accounted for online is the correct number given at collection. Once Mint Drycleaners Limited has picked up your items we will make sure the number of items entered online is the same as the physical items picked up.

If there is a discrepancy, every attempt will be made to notify you before your items are processed. The number of items of Mint Drycleaners Limited’s physical check will be final and we accept no liability for a claim that any items have been lost during transit.

8g. Collection of online information

By using our online service, you authorise Mint Drycleaners Limited to collect, retain and use personal information provided, for:

  • assessing credit worthiness
  • use during transactions
  • any legal or other issues between you and Mint Drycleaners Limited
  • ensuring online security.

When registering for Mint Drycleaners Limited’s online service you need to provide us with your:

  • name and address
  • company name (if applicable)
  • contact phone number
  • email address
  • username and password
  • credit card details, including expiry date and CSV.

By using our online system, you acknowledge and accepts that Mint Drycleaners Limited may:

  • collect statistical data of your online usage
  • collect data from other sources, such as, but not limited to – credit referral agencies, your bank or banks (present or past) and any other organisations you are associated with
  • retain collected data which is available to Mint Drycleaners Limited’s employees or other relevant people or organisations involved (as listed above)
  • retain collected personal information supplied until you deregister from our online service.

Under the Privacy Act 1993 you can have access to personal information held by Mint Drycleaners Limited. If you wish to correct or delete any of your information you are liable for any expenses accrued by Mint Drycleaners Limited in honouring your request.

8h. Use of cookies

The use of session cookies is an important part of the identification process of our online system. They are used for security reasons to make sure a customer is who they say they are and to provide the customer with confidential information during the time they are using our online service.

No personal information is kept in the cookie and the cookie is not written in your hard drive. When you log out of Mint Drycleaners Limited online, the cookie is no longer valid and is discarded when the browser is closed.

8i. Links

Mint Drycleaners Limited online contains links to third party sites and takes no responsibility for content at other sites or contracts entered into with a third party because of following a link from our site.

Mint Drycleaners Limited does not represent any third party sites.

8j. Miscellaneous

Cancellation of online orders are accepted via phone or online up until your item has been processed. Your item will be returned, and any charges will be reversed.

Once your item has been processed the order cannot be cancelled and full payment is required.